Thriller in Athens: Justice Minister and European Commission block Troika measures

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November 5, 2012 by pavlospapathanasiou

According to a report posted earlier today in news portal,  Justice Minister Antonis Roupakiotis (a technocrat proposed by Democratic Left party ) is excepted to veto the new measures’ package through his refusal to put his signature.(1) After last week’s fiasco in the Greek Parliament, when Samaras government failed to pass other Troika-imposed measures, it is quite uncertain- for the time being at least – whether the main package of wages-pensions cuts and labor rights’ reform will pass during the crucial vote on Wednesday evening;(2) even the former Minister and MP of Samaras Nea Dimokratia party, Viron Polydoras is expected to vote against (3)

Furthermore Samaras government received another slap from the European Commission ; answering to a question raised by the Member of European Parliament, Sylvana Rapti , Commission officials stated that the measures’ package concerning the labor rights is against the European legislation.(4)

Wednesday’s parliamentary vote is of crucial significance; according to Finance Minister Stournaras if the package is not adopted, then Greece will “die from asphyxia”  or become “Northern Korea” (5) since this package is a prerequisite for the next loan payment of 31,5 bn euros of the Troika “bailout programme” according to creditors. On the other hand, hundreds of thousands are expected to participate in a 48hours national strike on Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th  November, while the Main Opposition Party SYRIZA-EKM leader, Alexis Tsipras stated yesterday that “it is high time that this governement should go”, while he asked for new elections.

Pavlos Papathanasiou

(1),8riler:O_Roypakiwths_den_ypografei_ta_me.html Justice Minister Roupakiotis refuses to sign new measures (in Greek)

(2) Samaras Government fails to pass reforms from the Parliament

(3) Viron Polydoras of Nea Dimokratia Party is expected to vote against the new measures’ package (in Greek)

(4) European Commission is naming the Troika-imposed measures “against the European legislation” (in Greek)

(5) Finance Minister Stournaras stressful and scary statement: “Greece will become Northern Korea”


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