Google Art Project intergrates more Greek Museums

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November 1, 2012 by pavlospapathanasiou

Google announced earlier this week the second phase of Google Art Project ; the programme aims to offer the users more rare and impressive exhibits of Greece, expanding the partnership with Benaki Museum, digitazing the Museum of Islamic Art and intergrating the Numiscatic Museum in the innovative programme which was launched in the country in April 2012 with the intergration of the New Acropolis Museum.

Dionisis Kolokotsas Public Policy Manager of Google Hellas said : “we look forward to launch partnership with other museums too, in order to promote the Greek Culture globally with just a click.”  In addition Amit Sood, Head of Google Art Project, said that he feels impressed with the fact that the project managed to intergrate so many collections from various countries within a few years.

In particularly Athens Numismatic Museum is one of the oldest in the country, founded in 1834 and it maintains an impressive collection of more than 500.000 ancient coins. Having access to its collection every user can understand the coin techniques and the close ties between humans and money from the early antiquity until nowadays.


More on Google Art Project :

Museum websites

Benaki Museum :

Museum of Islamic Art:

Numismantic Museum :


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