Finance Minister Stournaras : “Greece will become Northern Korea”


October 31, 2012 by pavlospapathanasiou

Greek Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras seems to follow the “tradition” of his predecessors of PASOK party, George Papakonstantinou and Evangelos Venizelos, who were known for their scaring and stressful statements; who does not remember the unforgettable and catastrophic-at that time- Papakonstantinou statement in early 2010, which led the country’s spreads to eject in international markets: “Greece is like the…Titanic”? If according to the U.S Republicans’ nominee Mitt Romney Greece is like the example to be avoided, then for the nation’s Finance leaders the similar example is Northern Korea.

Loyal to this trend, Yiannis Stournaras warned the MPs of the Main Opposition party

SYRIZA-EKM, “that the country will become like Northern Korea if Eurogroup does not agree to provide the next loan payment of 31,5 bn euros”. Finance Minister seems concerned on the outcome of the Eurogroup session; yesterday’s Euro Working Group session was extremely chary towards the negotations with the Greek part so far. (1)


(1) “Greece will become like Northern Korea”


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