Police arrested a 24year old in Corfu after posting pictures in Facebook and blog.


October 29, 2012 by pavlospapathanasiou

According to a report published in corfupress.com news portal, Greek Police officers arrested a 24year old in Corfu island, after posting pictures in his Facebook profile and in a blog. The young islander who participated in yesterday’s antifascist demonstration in Corfu, uploaded a series of photos showing policemen protecting and chatting with members of Golden Dawn ultra nationalist party. Many locals and members of the main Opposition Party SYRIZA-EKM and others of the smaller far-left ANTARSYA party are demonstrating outside the Police Headquarters in the famous Greek island. According to the Greek Police the young man is accused for breaching policemen personal data and for spreading false news which can harm the the country’s prestige. (1) According to Greece’s leading news portal newsbeast.gr , Police officer are completing the case file and tomorrow the 24year will be sent to the Advocate’s office. (2)


(1) http://www.corfupress.com/news/1page/24685-entones-diamartyries-stin-asfaleia-gia-ti-syllipsi-24xronoy-logo-anartisis-fotografias article from Corfu local news portal (in Greek); photos are published in the same source

(2)http://www.newsbeast.gr/society/arthro/435823/dikografia-se-varos-hristi-tou-facebook-gia-fotografies-tis-parelasis/ newsbeast.gr article


One thought on “Police arrested a 24year old in Corfu after posting pictures in Facebook and blog.

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