New case of Press Freedom abuse in Greece


October 29, 2012 by pavlospapathanasiou

Only two days after the arrest of Kostas Vaxevanis, journalist and editor of HOT DOC Magazine, after publishing the list of 2.059 politicians, journalists, businessmen and other individuals who sent their bank deposits abroad during the debt crisis (1), earlier today viewers of the Greek State Channel NET were informed that the morning show “Proini Enimerosi” is temporarily ceased. Greek State Television new Head Aimilios Liatsos , who has been chosen by the Nea Dimokratia ruling party was responsible for this decision.

Presenters of “Proini Enimerosi” show Mr. Kostas Arvanitis and Mrs Marilena Katsimi were commenting on the recent investigation findings about the 15 citizens arrested in an antifascist protestation, who according to “The Guardian” were tortured by Greek Police officers (2). The presenters said that Public Order and Civic Protection Minister Dendias is now in embarrassing situation. We must remind at this point that Minister Dendias not only refused Guardian’s report but he also threatened to sue International Media (3). The negative comments of the presenters on Dendias was the reason that their Head , Aimilios Liatsos issued a press release announcing the temporary pause for the morning show duet. (4)

Greek media professionals and society are in state of shock after the second case of Press Freedom abuse within two days. As in the case of Kostas Vaxevanis arrest, immediately activists formed a Facebook support page (5) Moreover in the Thessaloniki based state channel ET3, another reporter was paused from live coverage due to his comment about the strict police measures during the National Day (October 28th) celebrations, that prevented citizens to watch parades or enter the city’s Cathedral. This comment was found annoying by State TV officials and reporter Christos Dantsis was hence “disappeared” from screen (6). Greek Police afraid of furious citizens deploring politicians was the driver for such measures, however was any reporter’s duty to comment on this unacceptable tactics.

Pavlos Papathanasiou


(1) article on Kostas Vaxevanis arrest

(2) The Guardian’s report on Greek Police torturing the 15 antifascist protestation arrested

(3) Minister Dendias is threating to sue The Guardian (in Greek)

(4) Aimilios Liatsos announcement and the full transcript of the two presenters comments (in Greek)

(5) Facebook support page for Arvanitis-Katsimi

(6) Thessaloniki Journalists Union denounces the ET3 reporter Christos Dantsis pause from live coverage .


2 thoughts on “New case of Press Freedom abuse in Greece

  1. “The revolution will not be televised”
    the last poets.

  2. […] (2) article on morning TV show presenters Arvanitis-Katsimi censure […]

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