Another PM Samaras unsuccessful bluff or are we closer to Grexit?


October 29, 2012 by pavlospapathanasiou

According to reports posted earlier today by some Greek news portals, the situation regarding  the next Troika (IMF-EU-ECB) loan payment disbursement to Athens is presented to become more and more crucial; Euro Working Group (EWG) is convened in Brussels and if its members find gaps in the Greek programme they will hence recommend the Finance Ministers’ Council to avoid disbursing the next loan payment of 31,5 bn euros to Greece. However according to unspecified sources, the Finance Ministry in Athens keeps its optimism. (1)

Another news portal has just posted an article claiming “the existence of a kind of  private notice sent in the emails of Banks’ higher executives warning for the high possibility of a Grexit within the next days”. The significant fall earlier today in Athens Stock Exchange is justified by this information, according to the article’s editor . However he explains that this “information” it is possible to be false and aims to reinforce the government’s cohesion under the threat of default. Samaras government is facing serious cracks due to the need to have the new measures and cuts voted; Not only MPs from the minor parties of PASOK and Democratic Left who support the government warn to vote against the package, but there also MPs from his own party who disagree (2)

Last week Samaras lost an MP from constituency in a Central Greece, who stated that he would vote against in the crucial vote expected in November like all his counterparts of Democratic Left and various from PASOK. What is for sure is that the current Greek government is lacking of a clear communication strategy. Except for bluffs, within the last two days the Government has managed to arrest a journalist and cease two State TV presenters due to the fact that they have become annoying. Indications of panic?

(1) article on EWG meeting

(2) article claiming the ‘existence of a private notice in the Banks’


2 thoughts on “Another PM Samaras unsuccessful bluff or are we closer to Grexit?

  1. Kuningas Konna says:

    FYI: EWG = Eurogroup Working Group

  2. Hello from Usa! This was a terrific post and I appreciated studying

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