Deputy Health Minister Marios Salmas threatens Pharmacists Union President

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October 26, 2012 by pavlospapathanasiou

According to a report , posted earlier today in news portal,  Athens Pharmacists Union President Mr. Konstantinos Lourantos sent a letter to Prime Minister’s office to denounce the unacceptable tactics of Deputy Health Minister, Marios Salmas.

Pharmacists Union have a long lasting dispute with the Greek Health Ministry due to the fact that the later is unable to repay the the insurance funds debts to pharmacists for prescriptions. The New Democracy party had promised before the May/June elections to pay back the debts, however so far little to minimum progress have been made and hence pharmacists are left unpaid for several months. However Pharmacists’ President stresses that in the contrary the Deputy Health Minister did promoted a propitious provision for the pharmaceutical industry concerning the taxes.

Mr Lourantos claims that yesterday during a phone dialogue with Marios Salmas the later threatened him : ” from now on you will loose your sleep, I will search every economic activity of yours since you were born in order to find blackspots and bring them to the press” (1)

It is not the first time that Marios Salmas causes troubles to the tripartite government lead by Samaras; except for the numerous televised interviews in which he presents himself as a enthusiast and a good student of the Troika policies in late June there was a huge controversy surrounding him; The ex Education Minister decided to cancel Salmas’ election as assistant professor in the Medical School of Athens University due “to gaps during his election procedure”. (2)

Notes :

(1) Pharmacists Union Letter to the PM (in Greek)

(2) controversy surrounds Salmas’ canceled assistant professor seat (in Greek)



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