Papandreou admits that Greece was dragged to IMF


October 24, 2012 by pavlospapathanasiou

In his recent book, Dr. Panagiotis Roumeliotis former Minister and Greek representative in the IMF Board, accuses George Papandreou Government and IMF- Troika officials for being conscious of the fact that the country’s “bailout” programme as adopted in the first Memorandum (May 2010) was a stillborn plan. The former Minister, who in late 2011 was also considered a potential interim Prime Minister after Papandreou Government collapse, was called by Advocates to give further clarifications in the context of the judicial inquiry. (1)

Papandreou despite being still a member of the Parliament (thanks to a gratuitous law provision for former Prime Ministers to be elected first in any constituency no matter if their party only elects one delegate), he is now spending most of his time abroad. He only visits Greece for special reasons and he is regarded by far the most unpopular politician. Furthermore he is introducing himself mainly as a visiting fellow in the prestigious Harvard University in Massachusetts.(2) Answering a question during one of his lectures, Papandreou admitted that “If you read Mr.Roumeliotis’s book this not far from the truth, but he does not tell the whole truth, because he saw only one side of the truth (…) For obvious reasons, the European Central Bank (ECB) did not wish to see our debt restructured and hence opposed such an idea (…) “The dillimma that I made was that either we would get the “bailout” package or we would go bankrupt ” (3)

Since the summer of 2011, George Papandreou and his failed Finance Minister George Papakonstantinou of PASOK have been sued by several individuals in Greece while recently 286 Greek citizens sued the same two on treason and their report was sent to the Parliament (4). President of Interdependent Greeks Party , Mr. Panos Kammenos announced that he will vote in favor of Papandreou- Papakonstantinou’s trial in the Special Court (5), however for a such a trial a number of 151 MPs is required. Despite the fact that various New Democracy MPs would like to vote in favor of their trial, however are forced to vote against; in a different case the schism in the tripartite coalition government (New Democracy-PASOK-Democratic Left) would be inevitable and this would accelerate Samaras Government collapse. On a historical note though, one must stress the fact that it is the first time after World War II that a former Prime Minister and his Finance Minister are sued for treason and hence Parliament is called to vote in favor or against.

Pavlos Papathanasiou


(1) Panagiotis Roumeliotis to the Advocate (in Greek)

(2) Papandreou’s profile in Harvard University official webpage

(3) video of embarrassed Papandreou answering the question of a professor in Harvard University

(4) 286 citizens sue Papandreou-Papakonstantinou and their request is sent for approval in the Greek Parliament. (in Greek)

(5) feature=player_detailpage&v=eC7d0Su5j_E#t=880s video of Independent Greeks’ Party President Panos Kammenos televised interview (in Greek)


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