Prime Minister Samaras vilified by foreign media for partisan favoritism

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October 22, 2012 by pavlospapathanasiou

Many friends and acquaintances of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras acquire profitable jobs  this period- even if they do not seem to be very suitable for them. For example, Samaras recently appointed a new president  in EOPYY (Health Services Authority), which has a debt of over one billion euros. Someone would expect a president experienced in the health sector. Instead Samaras gave way to a lawyer and friend of his party, New Democracy.
As head of SDOE (Counter Economic Crime Agency) the Prime Minister appointed a curator from Messinia, his homeland and previous constituency , who has no administrative experience at regional level since he was employed by the local authority.
The new director of OPAP (National Lotteries) comes also from Samaras’ close friends. Furthermore in ERT (National Television) , until now has Samaras cut or postponed successful shows. Moreover, recently, the daughter of a former New Democracy minister announced as the presenter of a informative show. Although not singled out as a presenter so far, she is still a member of Samaras’ party.

By Kiriaki Katsaki

source: (in Greek)


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