Francois Hollande in Athens


October 19, 2012 by pavlospapathanasiou

The President of the French Republic accepted the invitation to pay an official visit in Athens. The exact date of his visit is not yet known but according to unconfirmed reports this may take place within November.

Despite the desperate efforts by Samaras Cabinet to present  Mr. Hollande’s visit in Athens as a sign of “trust for the Greek government” the truth is away from that; The ongoing recession in Southern Europe countries and a potential Grexit ,which Paris would do anything to avoid, is of vital significance for the French President due to the important presence of French banks in the South and to the interaction with these economies; earlier this week  Bertelsman institution published a relative report on the consequences of a potential Grexit and predicted that France would be the biggest looser of all if such a scenario comes true.(1)

(1) Greece’s withdrawal from the Euro zone could cause Global economic crisis:


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