Deutsche Bank to acquire National Bank of Greece?

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October 19, 2012 by pavlospapathanasiou

According to a report published earlier today in the Greek economic news portal , Deutsche Bank will acquire a percentage of 10-15% in the National Bank of Greece Group.

The participation of Deutshe Bank will seek to gain from buying packages of foreign funds who want to withdraw from Greece.

Deutsche Bank intends to gain access to the domestic market in order to serve German interests in Greece such as : OTE (Telecommunication Authority)- Deutsche Telekom and later possibly DEI (Public Electricity Company) – RWE. If the economy stabilises, the German plan is to use the Greek “base” as  a bridgehead for the Balkan markets

The information concerning this new potential deal have alarmed other major players such as Alpha Bank who is seeking to react in order to avoid seeing here role diminished.

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