General strike protests spread all over Greece with tremendous participation

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October 18, 2012 by pavlospapathanasiou

More and more peaceful protesters gather at Syntagma and Omonoia Squares, in Athens downtown and are expected to reach higher numbers later in the day as the demonstrations continue. Except for Athens populous demonstrations are reported all over Greece ; in particularly in the second largest city Thessaloniki, in Patras, Chania-Crete, Pyrgos, Kavala, Veria, Xanthi (the biggest ever reported), Preveza, Florina, Alexandroupoli, Orestiada and elsewhere.

Most of the Opposition parties participate in the demonstrations;  SYRIZA-USF leader Mr Alexis Tsipras devilered a short greeting to the protesters earlier. Metal workers from Belgium greeted also the protesters with a red banner in which it was written “Nous sommes tous des Grecs -We are all Greeks”.  Except for civil servants and private employees and workers , doctors, shop owners and taxi drivers participate in the general strike. So far all demonstrations throughout the country remain peaceful while almost all Greek media are focusing on the tremendous participation.

Pavlos Papathansiou

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