Main Opposition Party SYRIZA-ΕΚΜ calls Troika-Government talks “theatrical performance”

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October 17, 2012 by pavlospapathanasiou

Further to the ongoing negotiations between the Greek government and Troika officials, Mr. Fotis Kouvelis leader of Democratic Left the smallest party of the tripartite coalition government  announced his refusal to vote for the measures proposed by Troika, stressing that “we cannot name the total abolition of labor rights as structural reforms”. In relative accordance with Mr. Kouvelis were the statements of his counterpart, Mr. Evangelos Venizelos of PASOK, which also supports Samaras government; However PASOK leader avoided to announce his refusal to vote for the measures however he accused Troika for “playing with fire concerning the Greek society and the Eurozone” and moreover he asked “these measures to be the last to be taken”

Troika officials demanded the reimbursements reduction up to 50% after one employee is fired while they focused on the flexibility of the working hours pushing the government to adopt a 6 days working week. Allegations were made by various media that it is a common Troika tactic maneuver; they demand too much, at least more than those they really want to impose, in order to leave space for the governement to show the public opinion that it achieved “gains during the negotiations”.Two years earlier the Troika was supposed to push for cutting the pensions to the half; however Amadeu Altafaz then spokeperson of Comissioner Oli Rehn , refused that EU represantive ever asked for such a measure (1)

Later yesterday  SYRIZA-USF (Radical Left Coalition-Unitary Social Front) announced:

“The Greek society attended another theatrical performance in highly dramatic tones.

The government remains faithful to its commitment to rigorous Memorandum implementation and works closely with the Troika to reduce wages and pensions, removing labor rights, the demolition of the remaining welfare state and selling off of public wealth.

In particular, most of the measures concerning the labor rights have already been agreed since February 2012 and therefore  any short term reactions are absolutely hypocritical.” (2)

SYRIZA-USF and its 38year-old leader Alexis Tsipras are critised from left voters that they have abandoned their hard line concerning the Memorandum denouncement , while center right voters remain chary whether the main opposition party has a certain governance plan despite their moderate conversion. Indeed, earlier this week Mr. Tsipras during a televised  interview stated that “Greece would be destroyed in case of a potential exit from the Eurozone” a statement far from his famous one before June elections that “Euro is not a fetish” .However according to the recent opinion polls SYRIZA-USF is expected to win the next elections with large majority.

Pavlos Papathanasiou

(1) (in Greek)

(2) SYRIZA announcement on yesterday’s talks (in Greek) 


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