Hellenic Republic President: “Greek people gave what could give”

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October 17, 2012 by pavlospapathanasiou

Mr Karolos Papoulias  President of the Hellenic Republic revealed yesterday that when the German Chancellor Angela Merkel asked him “what the rich Greeks do?” he answered that “everyone contributes based in his patriotism.”

The president stressed the GSEE (General Trade Union Committee) that he is consistent with them and that Greek people gave what could give. “I said to Mrs Merkel that if  she wants to impose more measures then she should find other people” while he pointed to the workers’ representatives that “the country gives a battle to survive and if we survive everything else will take its way. ”

“It is unacceptable for others to escape, others to pretend not being conscious of the crisis and others to pay. When talking about social cohesion this must be based on assessment of an equitable burden sharing. We cannot load workers and employees with all the crisis burdens . There are other richer people who sent their money abroad and bought half of the London apartments”said Mr Papoulias.

source: Sofokleousin.gr



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