Professor Notis Marias-MP: The Memorandum is harmful to democracy

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October 16, 2012 by pavlospapathanasiou

According to the “Independent Greeks” Party MP Prof. Notis Marias, the parliaments of all countries which implement adjustment programs have become “servants to the requirements of Troika and its creditors,” thus violating the principle of popular sovereignty. Opening his speech he stated that : “the Memorandum is harmful to democracy”

In the context of the 48th Conference of European Affairs Parliamentary Committees of the EU member states, Prof. Marias talked about the destruction of the Greek economy and society due to the memorandum policies, accusing both the Troika and the Greek government.

Furthermore he stressed that the results of these policies were “austerity,wages and pensions reduction and the dismantling of labor rights and welfare state.”

He finally spoke of “European Union of Creditors “, which has replaced the European Union of nations and states.

At the same time, he accused ECB on speculation against the Greek people, since the state bonds were bought by the European Central Bank in the secondary market for lower to the nominal value prices .

Source: Naftemporiki online edition (in Greek)


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